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Tendco Corporation is based in Singapore with a subsidiary office in Qingdao China. We provide a complete product range of truck and passenger vehicle tires and service solutions to our clients.

Our experienced team possesses an in-depth knowledge of market requirements and is therefore able to identify manufacturing capabilities and new design requirements. This, together with our expertise in tire design, especially TBR and OTR, gives our company the confidence that we will do the best for our clients. Not only have we successfully recommended to clients tire brands that fit into their lifestyle or industry requirements, we have also been engaged by several tire factories to innovate on existing and design new tires for their clients.

TENDCO is committed to provide excellent quality products at the right pricing, and with prompt delivery. We will be the team that clients can rely on. Your concerns deserve our solutions.


We know the market

With our years of experience, we have a broad understanding of the tire design needs in varied markets. Be it road conditions, market segments or pricing strategies that clients are looking into, TENDCO has the expertise to recommend the right kind of tires. Our professional knowledge hence translates into benefits for you.

We know the manufacturers

Our knowledge and experience has provided us with strong background understanding on the manufacturing capability and product specialty of the manufacturers. Thus we can easily identify an ideal partnership based on client's specific requirements from respective markets. We will do the reviewing of facilities and technology for you.

Due to our long years of partnership with tire manufacturers, we have also built up a strong mutual connection. This translates into steady support, a pricing advantage and assurance of tire quality – advantages that will transfer to you, the client.

We know our (your) Tires

Our in-house team of engineers are able to solve the challenges faced by our clients with regards to the harsh requirements of road conditions and government requirements by advising the right product mix.

We can also custom design tires according to your requirements, to fit any kind of road conditions your market demands.

We keep our promises

Be assured of receiving your shipment within the promised time frame. Clients can easily contact us for assistance and we will response promptly and clearly.

We build long-lasting connections

Not only are you our clients – you are our friends, first and foremost. We endeavour to build long and lasting relationships with you. Together, we will help you fulfil your build the tire of your dream.

We strongly believe in building long-lasting partnership.


Know your market

Benefit from brand exclusivity, maintain a competitive advantage and gain complete control of your market.

Know you are covered

Your tires from TENDCO will meet the stringent Total Quality Management System. However, for double assurance, a claim-program is being put in place for any compromise in quality.

Know you will get a fair and honest price

You have our commitment in delivering you quality tires at the most competitive pricing.


We believe in creating true friendships with each and every of our clients. We make every approach with sincerity and foster every relationship with Integrity. At TENDCO, trust is at the heart of our company culture. With our diligence, we endeavour to meet your needs. With our expertise, we will address your concerns. Whatever you are looking for - be it a diverse product range, competitive pricing, secure warranties, or market exclusivity – will be found here at TENDCO.

With TENDCO, build your tires.
Build your dreams.

(August, 2014)

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